Stress And Its Effects

According to the European Commission is stress the second most issue for human health issues

Stress and its effects on humans. This topic is burning in our society! The fact telegram Stress of the Initiative Business Location Upper Austria (IWS) shows above all the dramatic situation and its consequences for the economy.

The economic damage caused by psychological problems in Austria is estimated at 7 billion Euro p.a. (cf. IWS). The economic damage caused by mental illness is even greater in Germany. This was estimated at 44.4 billion euros in 2017 (psyGA).

In our society, stress is an everyday occurrence and we often do not know how to reduce it again.

Useful tips can be found in the Blog.

Due to the current situation the blog STRESS-FREE and therefore also the group STRESSFREI in Facebook and LinkedIn was created. The groups are a free service. Above all, this is how people can be helped. Anyone who has an account in these social media can join and get information. Above all, we want to offer professional help to people who are looking for it. The blog and the groups deal with the topics:

Stress management & Work-Life-Balance,

with the goal: Professional help for self-help. The STRESS-FREE blog contains valuable tips. On social media there are experts who deal with the topic of stress. Above all, the content of the blog and the groups in social media should benefit people who are searching for. In summary, we want to help affected people anonymously online.

Facilities such as masseurs, therapists and tradespeople have the opportunity to present their services in the groups free of charge. Because each individual is a specialist with a special offer that differs from the other or even stands out. An expert is often sought for a specific problem and this expert can be found in the constantly growing groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. With this offer, many affected people can be helped. And those who seek help in institutions.

The Stress Free Card in A5 Format

The card is a development for institutions such as masseurs, therapists and professionals and can be issued free of charge. This gives people who are searching access to valuable tips, to the topics in the blog and to experts in the groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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How Stress Affects People and The Body

“To recognize the problem is more important than to find the solution because the exact representation of the problem leads automatically to the correct solution!” (Albert Einstein)

Why stress makes you sick? | SWR odysso, 2:32 minutes. More than 82,000 hits …

The following article shows the effects of stress on humans. How stress works in our body and how the body reacts to stress. People who live in a permanent stress field have one thing in common, the cell in the body has a huge problem with it. Everything begins with a biological process in the body cell. With advancing age, this process accelerates. Just as a car is exposed to the elements and rusts, body cells begin to deteriorate as it ages. And in a similar way, mitochondria, which our bodies produce and supply our cells with energy, begin to disappear the older we get.

Our body’s response to stress is an ancient mechanism to survive. Stress stimuli coupled with worries about the future lead to increased levels of stress hormones that may not be properly broken down.

Researchers demonstrate the damaging influence of stress.

Source: University of Constance: YouTube Video

Stress works in the body (3:53 minutes). More than 63,000 hits …

Stress arises when we no longer can cope with the challenges of life. Therefore, stress is the body’s nonspecific response to stress. Time pressure at the workplace, financial or health problems can lead to stress. Every third person claims to be under permanent stress. Mental signs of stress can have psychological effects.

If stress persists over a long period of time and there is no possibility of reducing it, there is a risk of possible side effects.

Source: University of Konstanz, YouTube Video, (from minute: 9:08)

Psychoneurology and Cell: How the Body Responds to Stress | 3SAT (4:43 minutes). More than 15,000 hits …

When people feel threatened or overwhelmed, they become stressed. In chronic stress, the stress hormone permanently dampens the immune system. With chronic stress there is a risk of possible side effects. Such a situation should not be underestimated.

The stress caused by work and the environment is increasing worldwide.

Source: YouTube Video

Lothar Hirneise: The 10 greatest myths in oncology (01:37:33 hours). More than 235,000 views …

Minute 30:00; Stress …

Minute 01:25:30; Why do people have cancer … Stress …

Source: YouTube Video