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As BIOHACKER.TEAM in Network Marketing are looking for people who are on the search

Environmental changes and digital change are placing ever greater demands on professional and private life. One quickly goes to the realm of the possible. Therefore an alternative solution is often desired. According to a Gallup study, 90% of employees are not motivated in their jobs. Welcome to the Millionaire’s Club. This makes you one of the many millions employed. Find out more in the blog post on Stress Management & Work-Life-Balance: Job – causes of dissatisfaction?

Are you living already or just working? A work-life balance would be the key to long-term professional and personal success. Because everyone wants a meaningful life. A brief digression on this. A long-term study was conducted at Harvard University over a period of 75 years. The research question was:

What makes a good, healthy, and happy life?

The study found that it is interpersonal relationships that make for a good, healthy, and happy life. Above all, close relationships and the quality of relationships make for a good life. Find out more in the blog post on Stress Management & Work-Life Balance: Work-Life Balance: A look at work-life balance.

We see ourselves strengthened in this research result and build on close relationships with high quality in network marketing. Therefore offer a meaningful and challenging task via this platform. So that people with the know-how provided can become effective.

What Network Marketing is and the approach of BIOHACKER.TEAM
Network marketing is the mediation of corporate services (consumer goods and services), through independent business partners, directly to the end consumer. Therefore, network marketing is a form of direct sales. Each business partner has the opportunity to set up his own sales organization. That is why sponsoring and selling makes this form of distribution so successful. The income of each individual business partner depends on his own performance and on that of the business partners recruited by him (downline). This gives business partners the opportunity to build up a passive income. More information can be found on the page: Passive income.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) refers to the structure of business partners across several levels. Network marketing, on the other hand, describes the mediation strategy via a network.

A holistic approach at all levels and dimensions. Levels: Environment, change, stress management versus stress-free and human. Dimensions: Mind, nutrition, work-life-balance, fitness, sleep and biohacking

A holistic approach to stress management & work-life balance as the first line

As BIOHACKER.TEAM we pursue a holistic approach on stress management & work-life balance. On all levels and dimensions. You can find out more on the page: What is BIOHACKING? A first liner is a business partner who occupies the first line. This means that as BIOHACKER.TEAM we are directly connected with the company.

We have taken up the second biggest problem in the European Union for health problems. This is STRESS.

According to the European Commission, STRESS is the second most common cause of health problems. Stress and its effects on humans are enormous. More about this can be found on the page BIOHACKER.TEAM: Stress and its effects on people.

We pursue a clear strategy, mission and biohacking as a holistic approach on stress management versus stress-free. In the process of building up our business, we orientate ourselves on current technologies.

With STRESSFREI as a blog and as a group on Facebook and LinkedIn we make a valuable free contribution to stress management & work-life balance. This gives people who are searching for access to valuable tips. Further to the topics in the blog and to experts in the groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Historical course and potential in network marketing

Network Marketing was born in 1886 through the California Perfume Company. The company was renamed “Avon Products” in 1939. The company recognized the signs of the times and offered women at that time the opportunity to enter professional life.

Amway Center Orlando/Florida

Already in the ’40s, the company “California Vitamin Company” was founded, which was purely based on network marketing. The company traded under the name “Nutri Lite” in 1945. From this company, the later founders Rick de Vos and Jan van Andel of “Amway” emerged.

In 1959, Amway had to stand its ground in a lawsuit on the legality of network marketing. It was not until 1979 that the “Amway Decision” was made and set the trend for the entire industry.

The Network Marketing business model came to Europe in the 1960s and was only to be found in Germany in the 1980s. Due to successful developments in network marketing, there were unfortunately also many black sheep. These include snowball systems and pyramid games. More on how to recognize illegal providers in network marketing at a glance can be found at the end of this page.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA), total retail sales in Europe in 2018 were 35.2 billion Euros. This corresponds to a growth of approximately 7.3 per cent compared to 2015. According to the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), direct sales in Austria accounted for only 2.4% of the business economy in 2019. The low share of sales in total economic output to date indicates enormous growth potential in Austria and Europe in the future.

The neglected customer problem and customer benefit in network marketing

If a product or service does not solve a customer problem, it is at best a derived customer problem. The derived customer problem is a technical solution or an application. The application and the associated customer benefit are usually only of short duration. An original customer problem (hunger, health …), on the other hand, is constant and permanent. The solution derived from this is consistent and durable for the benefit of the customer. This basic approach is often ignored by companies.

The primary customer problem

As the Harvard long-term study in the first paragraph illustrates, health and happiness are desirable for people. Due to the current situation regarding stress, STRESS-FREE was developed. STRESS-FREE can be seen as a solution to a primary customer problem. More about stress and its effects on people can be found here.

The derived solution from the primary customer problem

It began with the scientific breakthrough of Dr Joe McCorda world-renowned co-discoverer of Free Radical Biology around 15 years ago. He was awarded the Franklin Institute Medal for his work in 1997, putting him on the same level as Pierre and Marie Curie and Henry Ford. The groundbreaking science happens on the basis on NRF2 activation. Antioxidants are produced by the body itself. These reduce oxidative stress in the body cell by 40% in only 30 days. Further information about the product can be found here.

A total of 26 independent international studies prove the effect of Protandim NRF2:



The advantage for business partners and customers

BIOHACKER.TEAM offers business partners a unique platform and an online presence. The sales system is scalable. Blog posts can be shared in social media and form the basis in the process of building a business (more on this in the following paragraph). This results in new working environments and opportunities (more on this in the following paragraph).

Customers benefit from unique products. In addition, LifeVantage products solve a primary customer problem that is permanent.

Success factors in network marketing using the example of LifeVantage

In the process of building up a business, the target group should be formulated in such a “pointed” way that “economic survival” is barely possible. In other words, the products provided an effective benefit to customers. The benefit is permanent and the business partner is thus economically viable. Furthermore, demographic containment online and offline plays an important role. For example, an investment of 10 Euros for an online Facebook campaign for an entire country has little effect. However, the impact of the online Facebook campaign is increased if it is specifically limited to an area or city.

The support structure of BIOHACKER.TEAM forms the basis for business development. Tools include the website, STRESS-FREE as a blog and groups in Facebook and LinkedIn. Above all, all activities are measurable. More on this can be found in the process of building up the business (in the following paragraph).

A unique product. This means that antioxidants are produced by the body itself and reduce oxidative stress in the body cell by 40% in just 30 days. Further information can be found here, as well as 26 independent international studies as mentioned above.

LifeVantage near Salt Lake City, from Sandy/USA, has achieved annual sales of USD 200 million to date. LifeVantage products are only available in Austria since the beginning of September 2018.

In Europe, North America and Australia, the adjacent countries have been developed through distribution. The business development process is available for business partners of BIOHACKER.TEAM, in German and English language.

Further countries have been developed in Asia through distribution. More information can be found on the following website.

Remuneration and earning potential in network marketing using LifeVantage as an example

OV – organizational volume (minimum monthly OV) and PV – personnel volume (minimum monthly volume per business partner)

The income reflects personal performance and is generated by “Sponsoring & Selling”. The success factors discussed above are a prerequisite for a corresponding success potential. However, the potential for success must first be turned into operational success.

The business structure (resulting) is horizontal and vertical. Here a business partner “sponsors” the respective new business partner. Using LifeVantage as an example, you start with a product package. The value of the product package is covered by-products. More information can be found in the Download – Product package section. The products are further sampled or consumed. You receive a commission for the new business partner (Smart Start Bonus). The commission is on a horizontal level, with the number of business partners without limit.

The vertical level is created with the business partners in depth (levels 1-9). A sales organization is set up in the process. A maximum of nine levels (level 9 max.) are provisioned. Therefore the quality of the business partners is important. In the picture example, we restrict ourselves to the OV only. For an elite PRO3 business partner, the OV minimum is 5000 points (i.e. 50 business partners x 100 points = 5000 points with a monthly minimum volume of 100 points per business partner). Detailed information on provisioning can be found in the menu Download – Compensation Plan.

On a horizontal and vertical level, a business partner builds up a passive income in the process of building up a business (resultant).

Detailed information can be found on the PASSIVE INCOME page.

The video by Robert Kiyosaki uses five ideas as examples to illustrate very clearly the values that are needed. The five values are found from 04:45 minutes.

These are practical business education, internal growth, scalability, leadership and creating real wealth. These values are reflected in our distribution system.

The process of business development with BIOHACKER.TEAM

Inbound marketing is more important in the process of building up BIOHACKER.TEAM’s business.

Inbound Network Marketing with BIOHACKER.TEAM

Inbound marketing is based on being found by customers and potential business partners. This requires relevant information. Unlike outbound marketing, in network marketing messages are sent to customers and potential business partners. The social environment “grazed” and events held. In times of mass media and stimulus satiation, we see these methods as ineffective and very inefficient.

Here’s a simple example: One of the top-selling products on Amazon in 2019 was Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wallet and block cards. How many consumers would one have to contact to sell such a product? Or how many contacts would have to be made and events held in order to win over a business partner? In addition, an RFID protective cover needs a lot of explanation.

So how on earth did Amazon manage to make (RFID) wallet and block cards one of its top-selling products in 2019?

Quite simply, Amazon has provided relevant information about these products. Because at Amazon you know that customers are looking for relevant information. Therefore the products were found on Amazon and the purchase was made. Clients and business partners only go on the search if the motivation for a need comes from a self (intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation). Therefore a no-go in marketing is to try to convince someone. Because for every argument there is a counter-argument. This is why we pick up exactly what customers and business partners are looking for and provide them with relevant information. The tools in the business development process consist of

  • Website BIOHACKER.TEAM for organic and paid search on the Internet.
  • The blog STRESS-FREE to share in social media that anyone can do from home.
  • Group STRESS-FREE in Facebook and LinkedIn as a free service for seekers and as an online presence for experts (the expert in stress management should “fish” in the right pond where there are seekers)
  • The individual Facebook page for the business partner to advertise on Facebook for reach that can also be anyone from home.
  • The STRESS-FREE card in A5 format for free withdrawal for facilities and
  • Public Relation (PR) on the subject of STRESS-FREE as editorial contributions to inform the public.

This makes network marketing easy. Because all actions are measurable and scalable with key performance indicators (KPI’s). The service offered is currently still free of charge. A management team with appropriate qualifications for the process of business development is formed in Network Marketing for the respective country.

If you have experience and feel attracted by this offer, contact us today!

New working worlds and opportunities in network marketing with BIOHACKER.TEAM

The Internet of Things enables many people to participate in social peer-to-peer networks. In other words, people interact with other people through the Internet and form social communities. BIOHACKER.TEAM is our approach to this.

Once you have established a financial basis as a business partner in network marketing, it is possible to work from home with free time. Business partners benefit from individual design space instead of a rigid work corset, and that regardless of location.

The desire for a new working world is particularly strong for younger generations. Our focus is on meaningful work with challenges and leisure time with a high degree of security. This requires cosmopolitanism and an affinity for technology.

The three elements of the business mission: need, ability and conviction.

The BIOHACKER.TEAM builds on the three elements of the business mission

  • What is the need, what is the solution-neutral customer problem? What does our customer pay us for?
  • What is my strength, my conviction? When you are able to solve a customer problem, the sense is created – in that it benefits others. Where does our power come from?
  • What are my core competences, my skills? I can only create value if customer benefit is created. What can we do better than others?

According to this approach the business partners of BIOHACKER.TEAM can organize themselves.

According to the philosopher and author Richard David Precht, the most important value that has been neglected is the value of time.

Time is the greatest luxury in prosperity,” writes Precht.

We want to build on this, in the sense of a healthy work-life balance.

Identify illegal providers in network marketing at a glance

According to the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), distribution in networks is legally unobjectionable. NETWORK-KARRIERE, Europe’s largest business newspaper for direct sales, also praises the successful professional representation of direct sales in Austria. Where politicians and presidents of the country’s chamber of commerce predict great future opportunities for direct sales.

Nevertheless, a clear distinction must be drawn between this and anti-competitive distribution systems such as snowball systems and pyramid schemes. Details can be found on the website of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO).

What is illegal in network marketing?

The first impression counts, and a glance at whether it is a dubious business model is enough:

  • The recruitment of people is in the foreground,
  • Instead of a product, there are training seminars at inflated prices,
  • The business partner must pay an entry fee, which is not covered by-products,
  • The product is not purchased from the company, but resold from business partner to business partner,
  • Is the subscription price of the product for someone the same as levels above?

Pyramid schemes and snowball systems are not only anti-competitive but also punishable. According to the Austrian Penal Code, anyone who initiates, organizes, disseminates or commercially promotes such a scheme is liable to prosecution.

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