Biohacking is a Holistic Approach to Stress Management
Biohacking is … a Lifestyle and in America Meanwhile a Megatrend

The term biohacking comes from the DIY organic scene (do-it-yourself biology). This developed in Germany in the early 2000s. “Biohacking” is used in this sense, especially to find new and clever ways. To do things for the optimal performance of his self.

The biohacker is therefore located at the centre of the four levels: Environment, change, stress management versus stress-free and as a human being. Man as a biohacker at the centre of the dimensions: Mind, nutrition, work-life balance, fitness, sleep and biohacking.

BIOHACKER.TEAM is a community of life-oriented people. Which focus on one thing in particular: helping each other and taking life into their own hands today. Also to make life better in a healthy way. It is not the past that determines the future, but we determine the future now and in this moment ourselves.

Biohacking is an appropriate lifestyle to realize your dreams for a happy and meaningful life. Groups can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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The effect of biohacking has certainly been tried by everyone

The term biohacking was not so well known before. This developed at the beginning of the year 2000. It is well known that the purpose justifies the means. A statement which is attributed by Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (1469 to 1527 in Florence). With this he wanted to express: These include means that are just barely adequate to solve a problem. Each in his own way.

  • The favourite music for the mind to reduce stress (stress a fiction?),
  • Healthy food in the sense of a healthy diet,
  • Reconciliation of professional and private life in the sense of a good work-life balance,
  • Physical activity for a good fitness,
  • Recovery through sleep,
  • Biohacking for the optimized performance of the self.

BIOHACKER.TEAM offers a holistic approach on all levels and in all dimensions. Our approach for the optimal performance of the self. Above all, it is necessary to know and understand oneself and to pursue a clear goal (how do you formulate a goal?!). To use his strengths and work on his development potential. In other words, each chain is as strong as its weakest link.

“The slowest who never loses sight of his goal is still walking faster than the one without a goal.” Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-81), German writer, critic and philosopher of the Enlightenment.

People And Change

Nothing is as constant as change. Through change, man is in interaction with his environment. Habits belong to humans and every human being has them. Because we’re used to doing things, each to his own. Many changes are met with resistance from habits. The more resistance there is, the worse the situation gets. In other words, it is not the problem that is the problem, but the importance given to the problem is the problem.

Every change requires a decision. Because the past does not determine the future, it is necessary to define goals (how do I formulate my goals?!). Accordingly, a decision to act or to be inactive is required. Every decision also means a divorce. In doing so, one often has to part with what is well-intentioned. Because with every decision you choose a possibility and at the same time you separate yourself from others.

Afterwards, stress can occur very often (stress and its effects on people).

Biohacking is about finding clever ways to facilitate decisions for correct action. But every decision to act must come from a self. In other words, not that what happens determines life, but the reaction to it.

Levels: Environment and change

People And Stress Management Versus Stress Free

Through change, man is in interaction with his environment. Changes often lead to stress. According to the European Commission, stress is the second most common cause of health problems. Thus, at the forefront are only physical complaints affecting the locomotor and supporting apparatus. In our society, stress is an everyday occurrence and we often do not know how to reduce it again. That is why the blog STRESS-FREE and the groups on Facebook and LinkedIn were developed as a free service. So people can be helped. Members of the groups have the opportunity to present themselves. We would like to inform the public about this offer through editorial reports.

Stress Free Deals With

  • Stress management
  • Work-Life balance

The STRESS-FREE blog contains valuable tips. In the groups, there are experts who can contribute with their knowledge to stress management. With STRESS-FREE we want to make a valuable contribution on all levels and in all dimensions to stress management versus STRESS-FREE, for a happy and meaningful life.

With The Goal: Professional help for self-help.
Levels: Environment, Change and Stress Management versus STRESS-FREE

Human And Biohacking

Stress management versus stress-free should serve as a “protective shield” for people. Because a protective shield significantly dampens the interaction between humans and the environment. Man functions best when he is in harmony with his environment. For example, there are now attempts to connect man and machine more and more through high-tech. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with that. But the rapid pace of development threatens to get out of hand. The delicate question arises, up to what limit one is still human and from when on one is already a transhumanist. Transhumanists are people who transcend the human condition through technical and biomedical interventions.

The spectrum ranges from technical possibilities that support the mechanism to artificial intelligence that can develop its own consciousness.

Biohacking uses possibilities to influence the organism in a positive way. These include, for example, neuro-devices for stimulating brain activity. And products that reduce oxidative stress in the cell. Above all, it is always about the optimization of the organism for the optimal performance of the self.

Level: Environment, change, stress management versus stress-free and human

Mind And Biohacking

Biohacking as a holistic approach in all dimensions and at all levels
How the dimensions work in humans. Mind, nutrition, work-life balance, fitness, sleep and biohacking

The mind is the thinking consciousness of human. One is as one thinks. It’s about the way you look at it, the way you see the environment is the way it is. The external environment and its changes originate within us. In other words, a situation can be perceived as positive or negative. For example the glass is half full or the glass is half empty. Thoughts tend to manifest themselves in reality.

Masaru Emoto illustrated this very impressively with the rice experiment. The power of thoughts and one’s own imagination is illustrated.

A stress-free life begins in the mind with positive thoughts. But our subconscious knows no negation.

Therefore thoughts, wishes and goals must always be formulated positively. As an example: Think of NO pink elephant, always implies that you are inevitably thinking of a pink elephant.

People tend to focus on symptoms rather than the cause. Therefore the problem should be tackled at its root to remove it from life. It also includes the realization that you are responsible for yourself. Such activity can be called biohacking. This means the self-assessment and correction of the perceived imbalance.

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180 AD), Roman emperor and philosopher

Dimension: Spirit at all levels

Nutrition And Biohacking

Nutrition plays an important role for people. Because it provides the building blocks for the renewal of cells in the body. In addition, one hundred per cent of the cells in the body are renewed within two years. The body forms the cells with the building blocks it finds in the food it consumes.

According to scientific findings, Central European consumers consume only about 55% of the recommended nutrients.

This does not mean carbohydrates, protein, fats etc., but missing nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. The reasons for this under-supply are nutritional habits, preparation effort and availability of fresh food. Also costs behind it to eat a balanced and sufficient diet. If you give the body “inferior material” it can only produce inferior cells. In addition, environmental influences and bad habits are anything but beneficial for the reproduction of cells.

The health of the single-cell ultimately determines the health of the body. They stimulate the body to produce its own antioxidants and generate more natural energy. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules that are formed by the body itself. A form of biohacking in nutrition. In each case, it is about the optimization of the organism for the optimal performance of the self.

Dimension: Spirit and nutrition on all levels

Work-Life Balance And Biohacking

It is all about finding the right balance between professional and private life. The work-life balance would be the key to long-term professional and private success and meaningful life. More information can be found in the article: Is a work-life balance in professional and private life possible? Were it not for the ongoing changes in professional, private and environmental life. Conditions that make life difficult. More and more people lose their balance because they are no longer able to cope with the changes. The collapse, however, is a consequence that was committed by overexploitation of the own body and mind.

Professional success is often pursued at all costs. In the hamster wheel or on the career ladder. When exercising the job, one receives remuneration for regular work.

Time is sold for money. However, as soon as you are no longer able to do the work, you are no longer paid. The standard of living can then no longer be financed. Are you trapped in the hamster wheel or on the way up the career ladder?

Or is there a way out or an alternative? Biohacking, for a happy and meaningful life.

Dimensions: Mind, nutrition and work-life balance at all levels

Fitness And Biohacking

This is not only about physical fitness. But also for body and soul. Body and mind work together. What affects one side also affects the other. Therefore it is not possible to work on emotional health and neglect mental health. Sigmund Freud also recognized this. He assumed that psychological conflicts manifest themselves in physical complaints.

Global environmental change leads to increasing demands in professional and private life. That is why good fitness is becoming increasingly important. Good fitness also includes nutrition. Regular exercise increases oxygen levels in the body and reduces stress. More about stress and its effects on humans can be found here. A sporting activity should be part of daily life. Stretching and loosening is a good activity to maintain a full range of motion until old age.

The movement also plays an important role in stress management. This reduces stress and improves mental fitness. Mental fitness also strengthens concentration, for better performance.

Another form of biohacking, for the optimized performance of his self. To sum up, good fitness leads to faster regeneration in order to cope with every day demands more easily.

Dimension: Mind, nutrition, work-life balance and fitness on all levels

Sleep And Biohacking

Daily sleep is incredibly important for rest, relaxation and health. Certain vital substances are produced for the body exclusively during sleep. If you cannot sleep well, the first thing you should do is pay attention to your lifestyle and diet. Before falling asleep, you should try to achieve a state of relaxation that is optimal for you. Hot showers, meditation, reading or even stretching exercises can be very helpful to release from everyday stress and thus prepare the body for the upcoming rest phase. The spatial design can also have an influence. When going to bed it is very important to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The room in which one sleeps should be dark, comfortable and free of any disturbing factors.

When we sleep we constantly move between two phases. The non-REM phase (NREM) and the REM phase (REM) REM means “Rapid Eye Movement”, translated, “sleep with rapid eye movements”. During the NREM phase, there is no movement of the eyes. Between the phases, the phase in which we move in REM sleep increases constantly during the night. More about the sleep cycles can be found here. During the transition to deep sleep, the muscles of the body relax, cell division and growth hormones are released. Most importantly, new muscle and bone mass are also built up. Repair mechanisms in organs and tissue are set in motion and the immune system is strengthened.

Dimensions: Mind, nutrition, work-life balance, fitness and sleep on all levels