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STRESS-FREE arose from the second largest cause of health issues in the European Union. According to the European Commission, the second largest cause of health problems is stress. At the forefront are only problems that affect the musculoskeletal and support system.

The economic damage caused by mental health problems is estimated at 7 billion euros p.a. in Austria and 44.4 billion euros p.a. in Germany. These figures date back to times before the Corona crisis. Due to the current situation, the blog STRESS-FREE and the groups on Facebook and Linkedin were developed as a free service. So people can be helped. Members of the groups have the opportunity to present themselves. We would like to inform the public about this offer through editorial reports.

STRESS-FREE deals with

  • Stress management &
  • Work-Life balance

with the goal: professional help for self-help. The blog provides valuable information. This gives people who are searching for access to valuable tips. More on the topics in the blog and on experts in the STRESS-FREE group on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Importance and relevance of STRESS-FREE

STRESS-FREE is important for all people who deal with stress-related topics, such as: coping with stress, stress management, stress reduction, stress avoidance or topics such as mental resilience in crises (resilience). We invite all people in the group to present themselves with their offer. This strengthens your online presence and you “fish in the right pond”. Because STRESS-FREE is relevant to all people who are looking for a stress problem. Therefore we also invite all seekers to join the group. We know that stress is part of the daily routine in our society and we often do not know how to relieve this stress. With STRESS-FREE, hopefully, everyone will find the right expert for their concern or problem.

In the STRESS-FREE group on Facebook, posts are managed by topic. So you can differentiate between the topics and filter by the following topics:

– New members,
– Stress management,
– You are introducing a new member,
– New contributions,
– Events and work-life balance.

For current reasons, it is also possible to filter for coronavirus (COVID-19). Or someone has an emergency call, there is also a filter option for emergency calls. The topics in the STRESS-FREE group are constantly being expanded, which means that new topics will be added in the future.

Topics for posts in the STRESS-FREE group on Facebook

Biohacking is a holistic approach to stress management versus STRESS-FREE

To become stress-free, we as BIOHACKER.TEAM follow a holistic approach. Biohacking is understood in the sense of the optimal performance of the self. Especially on all levels and dimensions. On the plains: Environment, change, stress management versus stress-free and human. In the dimensions: Mind, nutrition, work-life balance, fitness, sleep and biohacking. More information can be found on the page What is biohacking?

Everyone has probably tried biohacking at least once.
In this sense and this includes means that are just about suitable to solve a problem. Each in his own way.

The BIOHACKER.TEAM offers a holistic approach to stress management on all levels and dimensions.

Above all, it is necessary to know and understand oneself and to pursue a clear goal (how do you formulate a goal?!). To use his strengths and work on his development potential.

In other words, each chain as strong as its weakest link. We, therefore, pursue a holistic approach at all levels and dimensions.

Levels: Environment, change, stress management versus stress-free and human. Dimensions: Mind, nutrition, work-life-balance, fitness, sleep and biohacking

Advantages with STRESS-FREE as a group on Facebook and LinkedIn

Every member has the opportunity to present himself in the group. In addition, one writes a new contribution and draws attention to its offer. The contribution should be short and concise or the topic of the contribution should be brought to the point as quickly as possible. This makes the posting interesting and attractive for the members of the group.

The post is marked in the group STRESS-FREE on Facebook by the administrator with a post topic. This allows all members of the group to filter according to the respective topic. This also makes it easier to find contributions to the topic.

All members who are looking for help due to the problem of stress, for themselves, a friend, acquaintance or relative can also post a contribution. The article should be short and concise or should formulate the problem as clearly as possible. As in previous contributions, this is usually followed by comments, which we hope will be helpful. In this way, experts can help searchers decisively.

Furthermore, in the group STRESS-FREE on Facebook, there are also lessons in social learning. In this way, a wide variety of topics are taken up and answered. This way the knowledge in the group can be increased.

Each member of the group has the possibility to invite new contacts to the group. This enlarges the own target group for experts.

The STRESS-FREE group brings together experts and seekers on the topics of stress management and work-life balance in one group. A win-win situation.

Advantages with the blog STRESS-FREE on BIOHACKER.TEAM

In the blog STRESS-FREE, articles appear continuously. These contributions can be shared by everyone. Why is that important? In this way, you provide your target group with relevant information. This information is created by BIOHACKER.TEAM and is freely available. The button for sharing articles in social media can be found at the end of each article.

According to the picture above:

Share this story and choose a platform!

The contribution can be posted with a personal cover letter in the respective medium. This allows you to provide your target group with relevant information on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkeIn
  • Reddit
  • Whatsapp
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • VK
  • Email

Editorial contributions

Due to the topicality of the subject of stress, the public is interested in the free service STRESS-FREE. Therefore, the media are interested in bringing the topic and especially the free service of STRESS-FREE closer to the public and making it public. Public Relation (PR) texts are created by BIOHACKER.TEAM and are freely accessible.

It covers the most important issues in journalism. These are:

BIOHACKER.TEAM is an online passing peer-to-peer community. A peer-to-peer community is a group of “equals”, “peers” with great influence, to which an individual feels a part of. In other words a community of interest.

BIOHACKER.TEAM is a website in German and English language. Further as Facebook page (leave a like!) and LinkedIn page (+follow LinkedIn). BIOHACKER.TEAM is a community of life-oriented people who focus on one thing: helping each other and taking life into their own hands.

Also to make life better in a healthy way. For this purpose, biohacking is a holistic approach to all levels and dimensions. More about biohacking can be found on the page: What is biohacking? Furthermore, STRESS-FREE is a free service as a blog and as a group on Facebookand as a group on LinkedIn.

STRESS-FREE is a free blog service and provides valuable information and tips. The STRESS-FREE group connects the target groups of experts and seekers on the topics of stress management and work-life balance.

STRESS-FREE is available online 24/7 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The blog STRESS-FREE can be found on the following website: BLOG STRESS-FREE.

Furthermore the group STRESS-FREE on Facebook and the group STRESS-FREE on LinkedIn.

This requires a Facebook and/or LinkedIn account. You can easily find STRESS-FREE using the search function. After entering in the search: stress-free, select: STRESS-FREE, stress management & work-life-balance, for a fulfilled life!

STRESS-FREE is important and relevant for people who deal with stress issuesand for people, who are looking for help because of stress issues.

STRESS-FREE powered by efoodlife GmbH

Efoodlife GmbH deals with the development of functional food. Company headquarters: A-9462 Bad St. Leonhard. Further information can be found on the page: CONTACT.

STRESS-FREE a passive income

In addition to the free service of STRESS-FREE, there are also products for stress reduction. These can be found on the Download page. Business start-ups and tradesmen thus have the opportunity to build up a passive income. Details can be found on the PASSIVE INCOME page. In all probability, traders will not need more customers. But in times like these new forms of distribution. This allows you to get more out of your customer base. More information can be found in the blog post: Side job from home, new working worlds.

STRESS-FREE and the support structure with BIOHACKER.TEAM

The blog, the group as well as the page STRESS-FREE on Facebook and LinkedIn will be administered and further developed by BIOHACKER.TEAM. That’s a lot of work. This requires people who want to help, especially

  • Storytellers and bloggers,
  • Public relations specialists for online/offline media,
  • Social media experts,
  • Influencer and sales specialists.

With the distribution system, we want to further develop the support structure for business development. The sales system has a scalable structure and will subsequently be transferred to other countries. Further information can be found on the page:


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